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Because there is no official support for the Burmese language in Microsoft's Windows, Apple's MacOS and Linux computer operating systems, over the years a number of ad-hoc solutions have been adopted to solve the problems of how the Burmese language is entered on a computer keyboard and how it is displayed and printed.

The most fundamental problem is that there has been no standardization as to how the Burmese language is represented by binary codes used in a computer and stored on various storage media. Until there is agreement on a standard and support for that standard in the computer operating systems, Burma Watch advocates that people use the Wwin_Burmese1 - 3rd edition font when sending email, writing documents, and building web pages.

To assist people in standardizing on one Burmese language font, a copy of the font is available on our web site and we have provided an online tool which makes it easier to enter text in Burmese.

Burmese fonts

Wwin_Burmese1 - 3rd edition
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Online Burmese keyboard

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Date last changed: 2007 September 25

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