Minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting

Minutes for the Annual General Meeting of Burma Watch International (A Society For Human Rights)

1. Call to order at 2:15 pm March 2, 2003 by Jack Freebury (President)

2. Opening Speech by Jack Freebury (President) - Mr. Freebury thanked everyone for attending and for taking part in Burma Watch activities over the past year.

3. Annual Report by Than Aung (Vice-President)
- Mr. Aung gave a break down of the various activities that Burma Watch has undertaken in the past year. Copies of the report were handed out. The information in the report is available online at www.burmawatch.org

4. Financial Report by Phyllis Bocock (Treasurer)
- The financial report was handed out.
- Mrs. Bocock reported that $2,200.45 was sent to Refugees on the Thai-Burma border as a result of the fundraising dinner held in March 2002. The remaining funds are being kept for the ongoing business of Burma Watch.
- Alice Khin moved that the financial report be adopted as presented; Mary-Jean Freebury seconded; All approved - Carried

5. Election of the Executive Committee and Auditors
- Prem Kalia (nomination chairman) conducted the elections. Names were put forward by the nomination committee. Mr. Kalia read the name of the position and person nominated and gave three opportunities for members to put forward new nominations. As no new nominations were put forward, each position was granted by acclamation. The executive committee for the current year is as follows:
President - Jack Freebury
Vice President - Than Aung
Secretary - Rachel Bocock
Treasurer- Phyllis Bocock
Board of Directors Daryl Webster, Yi Yi Datar, Alice Khin
Auditors - Jenny Bocock and Mary Jean Freebury

6. New Business
- Than Aung raised two points to be discussed at the next Burma Watch meeting.
(1) A new humanitarian assistance organization needs to be set up to provide vocational training for refugees along the Thai Burma border. Mr. Aung suggested that Burma watch could participate, but a separate organization with charitable status should be set up and kept clear of the political activities of Burma Watch
(2) A sub-committee of Burma watch should be set up to help refugees or other new comers from Burma adjust to life in Alberta.

7. Information Session
- A video was shown depicting the current situation in Burma
- Cham Toik, of the Mon Unity league, gave a speech further outlining the situation in Burma as well as the relationship between the various ethnic groups of the country.

8. Closing remarks by Mr. Freebury.

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