Minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting

Minutes for the Annual General Meeting of Burma Watch International (A Society For Human Rights)

May 23, 2006


  1. Call to order and opening comments by President, Jennifer Bocock, and introduction of Mark Welch as AGM Chair
  2. Speech by Rahim Jaffer followed by Q & A
  3. Approval of Minutes from Previous AGM
    - Motion to approve Minutes [moved by Jack Freebury and seconded by Sashi Kalia]: Carried
  4. Financial Report by Treasurer, Phyllis Bocock
    - Motion to approve Report [moved by Mary Jean Freebury and seconded by Jenny Bocock]: Carried
  5. Annual Report by Vice President, Than Aung
    [Than Aung reported verbally about many of the activities of Burma Forum Canada and about the current situation in Burma. He also reported that Jim Gurnett of the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers had arranged for a lawyer to look into the possibility of Burma Watch applying for charitable status. Than Aung will report back to the group when the lawyer's findings are available. David Duggan will assist in researching the possibility.]
    - Motion to accept Report [moved by Jenny Bocock and seconded by Twilla Welch]: Carried
  6. Resolutions
    • Sponsorship of refugees - The motion "Whereas sponsorship of refugees requires an onerous financial and time commitment; Therefore be it resolved that Burma Watch International does not, as a policy, sponsor refugees." was moved by Zohreh Saher and seconded by Than Aung
    • Mandate review - The motion "Whereas circumstances around the situation in Burma, as well as the make up of Burma Watch's membership may require that the organization change its focus in order to stay relevant and meet the expectations of its membership; Therefore be it resolved that Burma Watch International undertake a review of its Mandate every three years." was moved by Zohreh Saher and seconded by Than Aung
    • Process for mandate review - The motion "Whereas as many members of BWI as possible should receive the opportunity to take part any discussions and a vote on changing BWI's mandate; Therefore be it resolved that to change the mandate of BWI the proposed change will be detailed in the minutes, which will be distributed via email to members within two weeks of that meeting and will be voted either in person or by proxy at the next meeting. The motion can be discussed via email before the next meeting and discussion can occur before the vote at the meeting" was moved by Mark Welch and seconded by Alice Khin
    - Motion to adopt all resolutions [moved by Mark Welch and seconded by Zohreh Saher]: Carried
  7. Election of Executive Committee
    David Duggan presided over the election of the Executive. The following people were nominated:
    • President: Mark Welch nominated by Jenny Bocock
    • Vice President: Than Aung nominated by Jenny Bocock
    • Treasurer: Yi Yi Datar nominated by Phyllis Bocock
    • Secretary: Rachel Bocock nominated by Sashi Kalia
    • Director: Saw Pyi nominated by Jenny Bocock
    • Director: Saw Darlin nominated by Yi Yi Datar
    • Director: Twilla Welch nominated by Jack Freebury

    As the call for nominations for each position was made three times and no further names were put forward, each position was acclaimed.
  8. Election of Auditors
    David Duggan also presided over the election of Auditors. The following people were nominated:
    • Zorheh Saher nominated by Rachel Bocock
    • Jack Freebury nominated by Sashi Kalia

    No further nominations were put forward and the auditors were acclaimed.
  9. New Business
    • Next year's events
      Possible events are:
      1. A commemoration of the election of the NLD annually on May 27th - a celebration for all the people of Burma. In keeping with the focus of Burma Watch, our AGM could be held on this date.
      2. Festival of Lights which will require advanced planning
      3. A workshop on democracy? The details of what the workshop would be need to be worked out. It was suggested that it might be most feasible to simply demonstrate democracy in the workings of Burma Watch including meetings.

      The motion "That May 27th or a date close to that be Burma Watch's AGM and that a Festival of Light be held with more advanced planning" [moved by Twilla Welch and seconded by Than Aung] was Carried
  10. Thanks given to Past President and Treasurer from incoming President
  11. Official meeting adjourned.

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