Minutes of the 2007 Special General Meeting

Minutes for a Special Meeting of Burma Watch International (A Society For Human Rights) held on Monday, 3rd September 2007

List of attendees:
  1. Jack Freebury, Former BWI President
  2. Jenny Bocock, Former BWI President
  3. Than Aung, Acting President
  4. Yi Yi Datar, Treasurer
  5. Dr.Alice Khin, Member
  6. David Duggan, Member
  7. Dr.Sunil Datar, Member
  8. Prem Kalia, Member
  9. Sunil Verma, Member
  10. Geoffrey Hawryluk., Newcomer

The BWI Special Meeting started at 3 p.m. and Prem Kalia was elected as Moderator for today meeting and he guided the meeting from start to finish.The following is the meeting minutes:

  1. In his address, Than Aung welcomed all the attendees including Geoffrey Hawryluk, the newcomer to today meeting. In addition, Than Aung explained the reason why BWI Special Meeting was called.In other words, BWI Special Meeting is the preparation for the long overdue 2006 BWI's Annual General Meeting.
  2. Prem Kalia requested all attendees to introduce themselves. Geoffrey Hawryluk, newcomer to this BWI meeting,has been involved in Burma's struggle for democracy through Thai-Burma border based organization called Network for Democracy and Development ( NDD ) for years. He has shown interest in BWI's activities and wants to be member of Burma Watch International.He was warmly welcomed by all attendees.
  3. The review of Burma Watch activities over the past year was done by Than Aung, Acting President. Than Aung said that the Burma Watch International and its activities have been well-known and well accepted by not only local community but also by the international community including Canadian Federal Government, the United Nations, and Burma-related democratic institutions inside and outside Burma. The first time in history or after a 17-year period of Burmese Democratic Movement, an important motion about Burma was passed in the Canadian House of Commons on May 18, 2005. In 2006, the United Nations Security Council placed Burma on its formal agenda for the first time in history. Those two groudbreaking results are good examples of what Burma Watch Internastional and others Burma-related organizations around the globe have achieved collectively. But the year 2006 was an exception. Due to differences in strategies and because of our different opinions in how to carry on with Burma Watch visions, missions and activities, BWI has accomplished almost nothing in 2006.In the meantime, Burma's political, social and economic situation has reached a critical stage. That's the main reason why we decided to hold a special meeting to discuss the options and make a final decision on the status of Burma Watch International.
  4. Review of BWI's goals and objectives was thoroughly discussed by Dr.Alice Khin at the meeting. Alice said that all political orgaizations, including Burma Watch International, have Mission and Vision Statements for their actions. We all know that It is mandatory for all individuals, who apply for membership, to read and familiarize with the BWI's mission/vision statement before they join Burma Watch International. According to BWI's official status, the goal of Burma Watch international is to promote and educate on human rights situations in Burma, and to promote awareness of social, economic and political crises/situations to Canadian Government, international community and policy makers. The final mission is for peace and restoration of democracy in Burma.
  5. Plan for future activities including AGM was thoroughly discussed by Alice and all attendees at the meeting. Because Burma Watch International has accomplished its mission successfully since its inception, Alice requested all attendees at today meeting, to make a decision on whether we should continue the activities of Burma Watch International based on its mission/vision as stated in the application under the societies act. All attendees agreed to continue the activities of Burma Watch International in line with its mission/vision as stated in its Societies Act.
  6. The issue of minimum qualification and role of executives was seriously discussed by all attendees at the meeting. Since Burma Watch International needs to deal with several governmental and non-governmental organizations of local, national, and international levels, all executives, especially president, vice-president and secretary, should possess appropiate qualification and skills in order to perform their duties satisfactorily. All attendees agree that all executives of Burma Watch International should have proper knowledge of history of 8888 People power uprising and should have a proper communication skills , especially English language.

The following are the decisions unanimously made at the meeting: All attendees at the meeting agree:

  1. to hold 2006 BWI's AGM on Sunday, 14th October 2007, at 2 p.m. (14:00) at the International Centre of University of Alberta.
  2. to use the following qualification and skills as essential requirement for new BWI executices:
    • Candidate for the position of BWI executive must have thorough knowledge of the history of the 8888 People Power Uprising in Burma.
    • Candidates for the position of BWI executive must have good communication skills in such a way that he/she must be able to write and speak English properly.
  3. to urge all applicants, for BWI membership, to read and familiarize with the BWI's mission/vision statement and to give signature of acceptance before becoming an BWI members officially.

The meeting was adjourned at 5 p.m.(17:00)

The meeting minutes was prepared by Than Aung, Acting President

Dated: Monday, 3rd September 2007

Date last changed: 2007 September 25

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