Past activities in 2004

March 28, 2004 - Annual General Meeting of Burma Watch International held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The annual general meeting of Burma Watch International was held at the International Centre (172 HUB) on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton Alberta CANADA. The meeting was open to friends and members of Burma Watch International and anyone who is interested in promoting human rights and democracy in Burma. We were very fortunate to have people representing the Mon, Shan, Karen, Karenni, and Burman communities in Alberta in attendence.

Part of the meeting addressed business items such as reports and elections for the coming year but there were also opportunities to cover broader items related to Burma issues. Mike and Sandra Feyco described their efforts to educate fellow travellers to Burma about how to travel in Burma without supporting the SPDC military regime. Arthur Aung reported on his recent visit to Dr. Cynthia's medical clinic on the Thai-Burma border.

Unfortunately, David Kilgour, MP for Edmonton SouthEast, was not able to attend the meeting as had been planned because of an unexpected event that kept him in Ottawa.

The minutes of the meeting have the details of the AGM.

November 7, 2004 - Members of Burma Watch International answered questions at showing of "In the Shadow of the Pagodas: The Other Burma" at the Global Visions Film Festival held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

At the showing members of Burma Watch International were permitted by the festival organizers to pass out pamphlets with information on Burma, pamphlets about Burma Watch International as well as membership application forms. We also passed out leaflets promoting the "For the Lady" two CD set which is being sold as a fund raiser by the U.S. Campaign for Burma.

After the showing of the movie the festival organizers allowed a brief question and answer session during which Dr. Alice Kin Saw Win and Rachel Bocock, both executive members of Burma Watch International, answered questions from the audience about the situation in Burma.

December 12, 2004 - Members of Burma Watch International met, at the International Centre (172 HUB) on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton Alberta CANADA, to hear reports from the newly formed Campaign, Education, and Membership Committees and to suggest and discuss new activities and actions for Burma Watch International to consider.

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