Past activities in 2006

2006 - Summary

At a Burma Watch International meeting held in September 2007, Than Aung, Acting President reviewed BWI's actvities for 2006. He said that, unlike previous years in which BWI had actively participated with other Burma-related organizations around the globe to collectively take action on various issues, BWI had accomplished very little in 2006. He attributed this lack of accomplishment to differences in the opinions held by members of BWI as to exactly what BWI's mission/vision and strategies should be, as to how that should be decided and as to how BWI should carry on with its activities given the uncertainty about its mission/vision.

May 23, 2006 - Annual General Meeting of Burma Watch International held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The annual general meeting of Burma Watch International was held at the International Centre (172 HUB) on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton Alberta CANADA. The meeting was open to friends and members of Burma Watch International and anyone who is interested in promoting human rights and democracy in Burma.

As is standard procedure for an AGM part of the meeting addressed business items such as reports on activities of the past year and the election of an executive for the coming year, but the meeting began with Rahim Jaffer (MP for Edmonton-Strathcona). In a short speech he commended Burma Watch International for its efforts; reviewed his participation as an MP on global human rights issues; outlined his government's commitment to taking a leadership position; stated that "As you [Burma Watch International] prepare to launch a new year of activities, you should know that you have our [the Canadian Government's] support" and committed that "Our government recognizes this central fact [that it is absolutely necessary for the military government in Burma to take concrete steps to initiate geniuine democratic reform and to respect human rights] and will work with our international partners to see that real progress is made."

In a question and answer session that followed Mr. Jaffer answered questions about how to exert pressure on the Canadian governament to act; how the government will deal with companies doing business in Burma; how the Canadian government will deal with China over China's support for the military junta in Burma.

The minutes of the meeting have other details of the AGM.

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