Past activities in 2007

March 31, 2007 - Dr. Khin Saw Win [Dr. Alice Khin], a member of Burma Watch International, was a speaker on the "Torture and Health Panel" which was part of the "Northwestern University Conference on Human Rights 2007 -- Torture: A Critical Look". The conference took place in Evanston, Illinois, USA March 29-31 2007.

The panel discussed the medical and psychological effects of torture, as well as the rehabilitation efforts undertaken to counter them. The panelists explored the more ethically charged issue of the role of the physician in the propagation of the torture process. In addition, they discussed the potential of medicine to be a form of human rights activism.

September 3, 2007 - A Special Meeting of Burma Watch International held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A special meeting of Burma Watch International was held at the International Centre (172 HUB) on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton Alberta CANADA. The meeting was open to friends and members of Burma Watch International and anyone who is interested in promoting human rights and democracy in Burma.

The main purpose of the meeting was to prepare for BWI's long overdue 2006 Annual General Meeting. In addition:

  • Than Aung, Acting President, reviewed BWI's activities of the past year;
  • Dr.Alice Khin reviewed BWI's goals and objectives and led a discussion by the group;
  • Dr.Alice Khin led a discussion of plans for future BWI activities including an AGM.

The following decisions were made during the meeting:

  1. BWI would continue its activities in line with its mission/vision as stated in its Societies Act application.
  2. Before being offically accepted as a member of BWI, anyone wanting to become a member should read and familiarized themself with the BWI mission/vision statement and acknowledge he/she will adhere to the mission/vision by giving a signature of acceptance.
  3. the BWI 2006 AGM will be held on Sunday, 14th October 2007, at 2 p.m. (14:00) at the International Centre of University of Alberta.
  4. candidates for BWI executive positions will be required to have:
    • thorough knowledge of the history of the 8888 People Power Uprising in Burma;
    • good communication skills in such a way that he/she must be able to write and speak English properly;
    • be a member in good standing of BWI.

The minutes of the meeting have other details of the planned AGM.

September 28, 2007 - Burmese community in Alberta, Canada protests crackdown by military junta in Burma

Alberta's Burmese community held a demonstration on the steps of the provincial legislature on September 28, 2007 to show support for Buddhist monks and other peaceful protesters being injured and killed by soldiers in a bloody crackdown in Burma.

"This is to raise awareness of what is happening there and to give Edmonton people the opportunity to support our stuggle in Burma," said Than Aung, president of Edmonton-based Burma Watch International in an article in the Edmonton Journal.

About 30 demonstrators, including members of the Karen, Mon and Kachin communities from Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge, carried banners and held photographs of demonstrations in Burma as they listened to a number of speakers, including Liberal MLA Bruce Miller and NDP MLA Raj Pannu, call on the Canadian government and the UN to increase pressure on the Myanmar military junta to call an election and respect the civil rights of the citizens.

The demonstration was organized by Burma Watch International and the Karen Community of Edmonton.

October 14, 2007 - Burma Watch International Annual General Meeting

Members of Burma Watch International held the 2007 Annual General Meeting on Sunday, October 14, 2007 at the International Center located on the campus of the University of Alberta.

The agenda for BWI's AGM helped refocus the energy of the membership by:

  1. reaffirming BWI's mission/vision as stated in the original application under the Societies Act [i.e., that the purpose of BWI is to promote and educate on human rights situations in Burma; to promote awareness of social, economic and political crises/situations to the Canadian Government, international community and policy makers; and to work for peace and the restoration of democracy in Burma].

  2. electing an executive committee for the upcoming year who each have
    • thorough knowledge of the history of the 8888 People Power Uprising in Burma;
    • good communication skills in such a way that he/she must be able to write and speak English properly [since all BWI's executives, especially the president, vice-president and secretary, need to deal with several governmental and non-governmental organizations of local, national, and international levels];
    • read and familiarized themself with the BWI's mission/vision statement and have given signature of acceptance before officially becoming a member of BWI.

As we all know, the current political, social and economic situation of Burma needs strong and timely support from the international community including Burma Watch International. We need to mobilize all available resources on time so that our support will be useful for the suffering people of Burma. Lets move on towards the success of the upcoming AGM of Burma Watch International.

Following the meeting, the newly elected President, Alice Khin, sent a welcoming message to all members by email.

November 2, 2007 - Burma Watch International Executive Committee Meeting

The newly elected executive of Burma Watch International met to:

  • Review the job description and role of EC members
  • Review the minutes of the 2007 AGM
  • Plan of activities for the year
  • Form advisory group (former presidents)
  • Form two sub-committees [Social and culture committee and media and public relations committee] - each composed of at least one EC member and two non-EC members
  • Discuss any suggestion/input from EC members

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